The Many Uses for Floating Pond Fountains

When it comes to small bodies of water, there is virtually nothing that can improve a landscape like a small water feature. Whether that water feature is man-made or not, there can be certain challenges with integrating a water feature, such as a pond, into a landscape design. That’s why some property owners, whether it’s a home or business, choose to put fountain features in small bodies of water like a pond.

The Purposes for Pond Fountains

The first thing that needs to be understood about fountains is they serve mainly two purposes. The first is a decorative purpose. The second is aeration for ponds, which can be extremely beneficial for a number of different reasons.

Keeping the Water Healthy

Even a fountain that is purchased solely for aeration purposes can be decorative as well. However, when a fountain is used for aeration, the practical side of the fountain is a bit different than something that is purely decorative. For example, moving water around is healthy for the pond. It helps to move oxygen from one section of the pond to the other, and it prevents water stagnation which can be unattractive and quite odorous. A fountain purchased for decoration might not offer enough power to provide this type of service.

Promoting Healthy Aquatic Life

When a pond has fish or other types of aquatic life living in it, aerating the pond helps the aquatic life to thrive. It also provides an environment where the growth of harmful algae can be prevented.

The Decorative Side of Water Fountains

When it comes to decorative fountains, different spray nozzles can be used to allow the water to move upward in a more forceful fashion or to spread outward in a much more significant manner. In addition, for fountains used during the night, special lighting can be placed in the fountain unit itself to increase the aesthetic value.

Whether you’re considering aeration, decoration or perhaps both, fountains for small bodies of water such as natural or man-made ponds are an excellent option. If you want to promote the health of the water inside of a pond, or you want to improve the decorative nature of the pond in an overall landscape design, you may want to consider the addition of a fountain.