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Home Improvement Television

The everyday home improvement television program has really evolved. Especially in the last five years, home improvement and do-it-yourself (DIY) decorating shows have taken off and are increasingly popular with viewers. Today, show range from in-depth analysis of full house flips to simple decorating how-to’s that focus on a single project.

Traditionally, television centered on home repair was similar to courses on TV. They picked a project – like caulking a window – and showed you, step-by-step, how to do it. As informative and useful as this is, it can get boring for some viewers and is better suited to the home video or DVD format.

As the how-to style of house development episodes moved to home libraries and the DIY section of your hardware store, the reality TV type of home renovation started appearing on television. Soon, such TV programming was fun and entertaining, and people were actually watching.

So many people were watching that whole networks sprouted up around the concept of home and garden improvement. People liked watching real people take on real house development projects. They got to see the mistakes, pitfalls and the joy of a project well completed.

Now, unlike your traditional home renovation program, the new style of shows don’t always focus on the how-to details of each project. Instead, they offer a broader look at an overall concept or major project. Though not great for specific information, these shows are a fantastic resource for new ideas and decorating tips.

Types of Home Renovation Programs on the Tube

An example of a classic and traditional how-to home development show is “This Old House.” Since 1979, Bob Vila has been teaching viewers at home how to take on everything from replacing a leaky faucet to laying a foundation. Though the show has a new host now and a slew of spin-off series, it continues to focus on quality craftsmanship and the basics of a job well done.

In the new style of home remodeling shows are programs like Flip This House, where featured participants are real, live people who are trying, on their own, to purchase, renovate and sell a house for profit. Unlike programs with a how-to angle, these focus on the emotional stress involved with major home repairs as well as overall project management on a large scale.

Finally, there are the big programs like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. In a program like this, the producers bring in trucks of labor, experts, materials, and furniture to completely overhaul a home in just a few days.

Feeling the Need For Home and Garden

One reason people may take on home and garden improvements is that they are truly needing or wanting a change in their yard or home. This could be because they enjoy working in their home and garden, or they just want to make it more beautiful for their own viewing purposes. Personal gratification is probably the most common reason home owners do any home and garden improvements in the first place.

The first step to begin your home and garden improvements is to learn how to do the improvements you intend on doing on your own. Many home improvement stores have a myriad of home improvement books, magazines, and DVD’s for you to buy that will guide you step by step through the entire process. In addition to that, these same stores also have free in store demonstrations, as to how you go about the steps of accomplishing your task at hand. The internet offers you endless improvement articles, how to’s, videos and do it your self instructions. Most internet sites extend their home and garden improvement instructions at no cost to you. These sites can also provide you with new and better ideas for your home and garden improvements.

Planning Out Your Improvements

Your first step in creating that new and exciting look for your home and garden, is to figure out exactly how and where the work that is needed to be done. If you are the only man or women on the job, the work at hand can be quite overwhelming. Invite a friend over to discuss your ideas before you start your project. Asking someone’s opinion may save you time, money and they may give you tips and pointers you may have not thought of. If your project will be completed by yourself and many others, sit down together and talk out the home and garden improvements that each person would like to see accomplished.

Knowing beforehand the ideas of others involved in the improvements can reduce future disagreements about the project. Once you start doing something, it’s very time consuming to go back and try to fix your mistake. Remember not to get ahead of your self or your home and garden improvements will turn out exactly as you did them, rushed and half done. As problems approach, keep in mind they are merely set backs and not a project ending finality. After starting your home and garden improvements and unfortunate circumstances cause the project to end up in total chaos, professional help may need to be considered.

When you attain help from the professionals, the cost expense of the project may double or triple. Begin your project with an idea, budget and time line. Consider limiting your steps to several weeks or months for completion. Do not plan on taking on and completing the entire task in a weekend. For better results, take time to map out the whole improvement process from beginning to end.