Saving Whisper the Cat: From the Brink of Life to the Sassy Leader of a Local Clinic

Whisper is a highly loved and adored veterinary clinic cat with a great story. She was found in Denver, CO with a whole number of ailments. The worst of all these ailments was a dental disease.

The teeth that she did have (which weren’t a lot) were at risk of falling out, eroding and dying from inside her mouth. The disease was unavoidable, which perhaps makes it worse. Due to her lack of any treatment for the dental disease, compounded by her other health concerns, Whisper was likely facing the erosion of all her teeth. It would eventually kill her.

No Teeth to Spare

The disease began with the plaque that grew to calculus. Calculus can be looked at as hardened plaque, which basically means it has solidified into a nice solid foundation of bacteria. The rough surface makes further bacteria growth even more likely and easier, creating a cycle.

The disease is called feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions. It is not unlike gingivitis and other gum ailments in people. Over time, one tooth after another got infected, fell out, and eventually spread to another tooth so the process repeated itself.

To the Jaws

There is a disastrous problem here that leads to something even worse than a missing tooth or two. The bacteria spread to the gums through the abandonment of infected partial roots. These parts are buried into the jawbone and will eventually lead to jawbone erosion.

The conclusion was to have the roots removed from her mouth. As of now, Whisper has almost none of her original teeth. She did, however, eventually heal. She eats primarily dry food despite the fact that she has nothing to bite the pieces with.

She is sassy, friendly, and healthy. The hard work of the clinic team gave Whisper a new lease on life. She now hangs around the offices, checking up on patients and making sure everything is up to code. She is also a beacon of support and love. She found a way to make it through. The team found a way to make her healthy. It’s a path every animal deserves.