Reasons to Try a Deer Hunting Supplement

Deer hunters have been making use of attractants and mineral supplements in planning their hunts for years. The reasons to use a deer hunting supplement are quite compelling, particularly for the serious hunter. Read on to find out about just a few of the reasons it makes good sense to use supplements prior to this year’s hunting season.

Make it Easier to Plan

Deer are attracted to salt, which is a key ingredient of most deer supplements. Luring them to areas that are convenient for the coming year’s hunt makes it easier to capture them on trail cameras, leaving hunters in a better position to plan for the season. Catching images of local herds can help them to take inventory of how many deer are available on a property and what kind of physical shape they are in.

Trail cameras can tell hunters everything from what areas the deer are most likely to frequent to what buck to doe ratio their property contains. They are also a valuable tool for evaluating overall herd health.

Improve Overall Herd Health

Supplements are a great way to improve the health of any herd. They offer vital nutrients and minerals that can aid lactation in does and antler growth in bucks, helping to ensure that any deer bagged in the upcoming season are fine specimens.

Using Supplements is Easy

The most common way to use deer supplements is to create mineral sites. This is a simple process that requires simply deciding on the right location, then making a trip out to install feeders. Try to place them in areas that would be ideal for tree-stands as well, as this will accomplish both maintaining the health of the herd and luring deer to appropriate hunting grounds.

Ideal locations include heavily used deer trails, in particular, the areas where several trails intersect, pinch points, and funnels. They can also be placed in areas with thick underbrush, as deer feel safer in these areas and are more likely to make use of them.

Encourage Deer to Stick Around

Supplements can be used year-round to improve herd health and give deer a good reason to stay on a piece of property instead of relocating during the harsher months. If food sources become scarce on a property, chances are they’ll move on. However, if an adequate amount of feed is provided throughout the year, the herd will grow and thrive where it is.