Protect Your Home with Help From Roofing Company Atlanta

The roof is the first and last line of defense against Mother Nature and everything she has to throw at a home. The roof on a home also has a huge impact on how the home appears, or the “curb appeal”. When it comes time to replace the roof on a home, it is wise to call on a Roofing Company Atlanta to get some professional help. Being equipped with some basic knowledge before making that call, however, can help make the process much smoother.

Roofing Materials

As with any industry, roofing materials have changed quite a bit over time. There was once a time when an asphalt three tab shingle was all that anyone could or would put on a home. Those shingles are still available today, and are a very budget friendly option. There are other materials, though, that are much more attractive, durable and affordable. Architectural shingles have a much better appearance because they can come in different colors. These shingles are also made of much more durable materials and will last longer than traditional asphalt. There are also metal roofs that look very nice and will last even longer than any shingle will. Spending a bit more on materials up front could save a lot of money down the road.

Roofing Process

In most cases, the existing shingles will be stripped off the home and replaced with new ones. Some people choose to layer new shingles over existing ones, but the shingles will not adhere as well and are most susceptible to blowing off. Roofing companies that have experience should also be discussing the type of underlayment that is going on the roof, and letting a homeowner know which areas will get new flashing and trim. These are good topics to ask questions about before the project starts.

Roofing Contracts and Warranties

Most shingles will come with some sort of manufacturer warranty, but good installers will also have some sort of warranty for their work. It is important to know the details of all warranties before the work starts. A properly installed roof should last for fifteen years with average quality shingles, but could last up to fifty years with a higher quality product.