NuVet Products Help You Keep Your Dog’s Ears Clean

As a dog owner, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure a pet does not begin to experience any afflictions. One of the areas of concern for a dog is their ears. If the ears are not kept clean, conditions can develop that lead to discomfort. Cleaning a dog’s ears is vital for their health, and the right product makes the process much easier.

Why is It Important to Clean a Dog’s Ears?

No matter how a dog’s outer ears may be shaped, the inner parts are the same for every dog. The inner ear is a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites because of the moist, dirty environment. Thankfully, NuVet has created a product that easily helps dog owners keep their dog’s ears clean without causing them any discomfort or stress.

NuVet Ear Cleaner spray is ideal for dogs of all sizes. By carefully cleaning a dog’s ears, owners can rest assured their dog’s ear will not be inviting to bacteria, parasites, and yeast that can take up residence and lead to problems.

NuVet Ear Cleaner Spray For Dogs helps to decrease ear wax buildup which can lead to afflictions with hearing and can be a prime breeding ground for parasites and yeast to begin growing. This cleaner can also be used on cats and kittens to keep their ears free of wax, dirt, and debris.

Tips For Cleaning a Dog’s Ears

The cleaning process should be carried out calmly and quietly to not cause any upset for the dog. When the owner is calm and has all of their tools together, their dog will more likely be calm and cooperative.

These steps should be followed.

  • Spray the NuVet Ear Cleaner spray into the ears as directed on the package.
  • Close the ear flaps and gently massage the ears so the cleaner can go to work on breaking up the ear wax.
  • Allow the cleaner to sit in the ear canal for a few minutes.
  • Using soft cotton balls, gently wipe away any excess wax and debris.

Ideally, a dog owner should clean their dog’s ears about once a week to keep them healthy. Using this spray makes the job much easier and more effective. To make your purchase, visit