How “Nick Bova” and Veterinary Compounding Is An Asset To Veterinarians and Pet Owners

Pet owners love their animals and they want them to have the best medical care possible. Veterinarians also care about animals and they need access to medications that can treat any kind of medical condition. Read the information below to learn important information about “Nick Bova” and veterinary compounding, and how this service is an asset to veterinarians and pet owners.

Veterinary Compounding

Many people have never heard of veterinary compounding, but this is a service that every veterinarian and pet owner should learn about. Compounding veterinary medications is the process of producing custom made prescription medications for animals. It’s not unusual for life-saving medications for animals to be temporarily out of stock and some pharmaceutical companies discontinue manufacturing certain medications altogether.

Now, veterinarians can get these out of stock or discontinued medications through a compounding service. A compounding company has the ability to produce these medicines in their laboratory. Pharmacists also have the ability to customize each dose for the specific animal that needs the medication.

Benefits To Veterinarians

Veterinarians benefit from veterinary compounding because this service allows them to prescribe the exact medication that’s needed for each animal. Veterinarians can order these medications online through a simple process, which saves precious time when an animal is in desperate need of a certain prescription. Through online ordering, veterinarians can quickly place repeat orders for medications they previously ordered.

Benefits To Pet Owners

Individuals who own pets also benefit from veterinary compounding because their pets are able to receive the exact dose of a medication they need. Through compounding, a specific kind of flavoring can be added to the medication so that it’s appealing to animals. This is particularly important for pet owners who have problems administering medications to their pets.

Additionally, a veterinary compounding service also has the ability to dispense the medication in different forms. For example, animals who have difficulties taking pills can have their medication customized and prepared in liquid form.

Veterinarians and pet owners who are interested in learning more about veterinary compounding can contact Bova Compounding. This valuable service is an asset to veterinarians when they need to prescribe a medication that’s no longer available. Pet owners will also benefit because their pet is getting the best treatment possible for their medical condition.