Go A Step Further Than Paint In Home Decor

For a more interesting interior, the homeowner can go one step further than plain, painted walls everywhere and add an appropriate mural. No, not those limited color and design murals from the mid-1900s. The new collection of Wall murals gives customers millions of choices printed to fit the actual wall space. Digital cameras and the ability to store millions of images in the cloud or on internet sites has changed the whole concept of wall murals.

How Are Murals Made?

Companies specializing in the manufacture and distribution of wall murals collect millions of photographs and art images they have permission to reproduce. Then, they have set up special manufacturing methods to reproduce those images using computer guidance and special printers. They have huge rolls of several types of mural papers and PVC-based mural materials. The large printers and special sun-proof, washable inks are used to print the chosen image on the background materials. The murals are dried and inspected. Premium murals can be laminated.

The whole image is divided into easy-to-handle drops or sections. A guide and instructions for fitting and hanging are produced to go with every mural. The mural, wallpaper paste, a pencil, and a knife with snap-off blades are packed in special boxes for shipping. Murals can be printed and ready to ship in as little as two days.

What Sorts Of Images Are Available?

With millions of images to choose from, there are limitless choices. There are movie images, Disney characters, photographs of people, places, and sports. There are sports logos. There are photos of famous cities around the world and images of lakes, rivers, oceans, and their beaches. One can find forest or farm scenes, sunsets, and sunrises. There are graphic designs in many colors. Maps of the world are printed wall size. Murals can be all-over designs such as wood planks, bricks, or other materials.

How Do Customers Order?

The customer will measure their wall’s height and width and use those measurements to order their custom mural at the online site such as WallpapaerInk.com. The site will have categories of murals to view and choose from. Customers will choose the grade of mural material such as standard, pre-pasted, premium, or PVC-based. Then they will get their mural’s cost and arrange for payment. The mural will be shipped in a special box and arrive ready to install.