Please read T006 -Telecommunications Administrative Procedures Regulations part 5, for further details.

Complaints may be made by a consumer or a potential consumer of a licensee or provider of value added services in connection with—  

  1. quality of service;  
  2. accessibility of service;  
  3. the application of one or more provisions of the company’s tariffs to the consumer;  
  4.   disconnection or reconnection of service or facilities; or  
  5.   any other matter respecting the relations between the company and the consumer, but does not apply to a complaint made as part of a letter of comment filed in connection with a proceeding.

Before a complaint is made to the Commission a complaint must be made directly to the company. If you are not satisfied with the company’s response you should then raise it with the Commission.

Complaints may be made online or by mailing or delivering by hand a letter to the Commission identifying:

  1.  the parties concerned.
  2. setting out the facts.
  3. including relevant correspondence.
  4. prior attempt to resolve the matter concerned with the provider of services concerned and identifying and requesting the specific relief sought.

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The procedure that follows your complaint:

Where the Commission considers that an application or complaint warrants investigation, it shall forward a copy of the letter or a summary thereof to the regulated company requesting comment, and the company shall reply within 20 days or such longer period as the Commission may specify. 

The Commission may require further information to be furnished by one or more of the parties, or  issue directions on procedure if the Commission considers an oral hearing or other form of proceeding warranted.  

Where an application or complaint seeks relief on an emergency basis, such application or complaint may be made orally to an officer of the Commission.

Please read T006 -Telecommunications Administrative Procedures Regulations part 5, for further details.


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11 February 2014

Telecom Decision PUC 2014-101

In the matter of a complaint dated 5 May 2010 filed with the Commission by Weblinks regarding LIME's wholesale and retail pricing of international outgoing calling services and domestic interconnection services.

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