3 More Ways to Decorate with Metallics


Copper is popular in kitchens when used as a splashback and work surface. Brilliant shiny copper looks amazing against cabinets in subtle shades of sage green. Warm copper tones team up beautifully with oak and rich colours, creating a light and friendly feel.

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Pewter is one of the oldest metals, used for church vessels and cauldrons as far back as the 11th century. Today it is used for producing light fittings, worktops, fireplace inserts, candlesticks, vases, picture frames and an array of dinnerware items. Wall art is increasingly popular, and high-gloss pewter items look stunning on any wall.

Rose Gold

That pink sheen of rose gold is perfect for updating your girly bedroom, and it’s all about the detail. A simple rose gold nightstand with mirrors and jewellery boxes can make an ordinary room quite trendy.

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If you cannot decide on an individual metal, try mixing them up. Cool metallic tones such as steel, nickel and silver will bring a sleek contemporary look, whereas brass, gold and bronze introduce a warm glamorous feel. Rustic laminate flooring from https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring.html and metal make a good team. The different colours and textures allow flexibility and an amazing choice.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal choice. Whether you stick to one idea or mix them up, your house is to be lived in, so make it a fun place. Integrating mixed metals is a sure way to make your décor shine brighter.